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How is everybody?
I woke up at 124 this morning, down one pound from yesterday. It's not as thin as I'd like to be, but keep in mind I started at 140 a couple months ago. The weight is coming off slowly but at least it's staying off.

My problem is every once in a while I have a binge weekend. Not just a binge, but an entire "I've fucked my diet up by eating that extra piece of toast, so I might as well make the most of it" weekend, and totally lose control. I end up gaining a couple pounds, and then spending most of the next week working it off.

This week I've been having nothing but coffee during the day, then when I get home around 6pm I'll have a low calorie dinner (usually around 200 cals). I usually split my dinner in half so I eat one half (100cal) when I get home and the other half (the other 100cal) later on in the evening. Sometimes a light hot chocolate (about 30cal, I don't use the amount of mix they recommend, just a bit less) before bed.

It's been going good. I've lost two pounds in the past two days on this routine. I also walk two miles a day, do at least 1/2 hr of aerobics at home, and take the stairs up to the 6th floor of where I work about three times a day. I feel like I should be losing weight more quickly than I am, though, and that's discouraging.

I'm also taking green tea pills before most of my meals, and I do think that it's helped me. Although I find that if I have too much green tea it makes me nauseous.

This afternoon I've been invited to a "wine and cheese" retirement party for a few people in my office building. Great, wine and cheese. Calories and fat. I love wine, and cheese, so this really sucks. I'm going to try to abstain from any of it without looking rude or weird. Maybe I'll take something and discreetly get rid of it somehow, when no one's looking.

I'm also discouraged by my reflection in the mirror. I've lost sixteen pounds! So how come when I look in the mirror, all I still see is a big fat stomach and chunky thighs? Sigh.

Well hope everyone's going good today!
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