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Okay so i have worked it out. i like to be incontrol. I am fine and i dnt even realise i have an ed when i am controlling when i eat and what i eat beacue its how i want things to be
its so hard to control the rest of life all the shit that is going on what other peopel are doing in and out of your life how people move on and leave you behind but with this i can have waht i want when i want it becaue no matter what people cant force you into eating anything and that feels really good
I gotta go to college get up early i gotta do all the things i have to but with this is all how i want it. and it feels really good.

Thats why i feel terrible when i have to eat form other people stuff that they have made me dinner my mum makes becaue i have no control over it and what she is giving to be i a supposed to eat.

Howver for tea tonight i at the veg and tried to leave as much as possible dran plenty of water and the rest well you know the drill

im excited for my way in in a way but im also a little scared with it being my first on and all.

How is it all going with everyone else got any new advice/tips/etc

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